An interview of Costantino Meo from La Rana News and La to Andrea Farina from MAGIKAL

A young entrepreneur from Verona creates the new wall-hung pellet boiler.

Andrea Farina, 26 years from San Bonifacio – Verona (Italy) is the creator of this new product. Together with his parents, he owns MAGIKAL, the family business, which has been operating in the home heating industry for 12 years. Sometimes you just have to have an idea, the right one, and this time Andrea Farina, 26, originally from San Bonifacio (VR), had the right idea. He has been working for years in the family business, MAGIKAL in Monteforte d’Alpone (VR), a family-owned company that deals with home heating. Andrea’s self-made experience in the field has led Andrea to project HEVO, his own creature. “To change the rules of the market, we need people who are not scared, who are not linked to mental patterns or limitations of any nature, but who can have a new product “. This is Andrea’s motto. The boiler of the future, as we might call it, was presented, with success, at the last edition of the fair PROGETTO FUOCO.

HEVO is the first and only pellet-powered wall boiler, allows savings of heating costs of up to 50% and an energy efficiency of 93%. The use of pellets (renewable fuel) completely eliminates the harmful environmental impact that fossil energy has on our planet. The autonomy of this product reaches 5 days thanks to the additional tank. “The idea of creating a new type of pellet boiler was born from the need to combine the energy savings of a pellet product and the small size of a classic gas boiler”, explained Andrea, “in this way it is possible to offer a new and innovative product, suitable for all types of housing, even with limited space possibilities”.

Andrea, as mentioned, works in the family business, along with his father Vittorio and mom Miriam. MAGIKAL was founded in 2008, and has always sought quality and innovation in its products and results are coming. Turnover in the last year have seen an rise of 34% and export markets are answering very well : in fact they cover 40% of the total Turnover of MAGIKAL. Growth on foreign markets and innovation based on quality are the main goals of MAGIKAL and of Andrea, with a special new and green vision.

Costantino Meo
Costantino Meo - Giornalista Pubblicista dal 2009, Laureato in Scienze della Comunicazione, ha collaborato e diretto vari periodici locali. Appassionato di politica, sport, meteo e ovviamente scrittura, è l'ideatore del sito e il direttore responsabile di "La Rana" e "La Rana News".

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